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Effective diesel injection service for your vehicle

A clogged fuel injector can damage your engine and affect performance.  Contact Weymouth and Portland Motor Mechanics Ltd for a diesel injection service.

Common rail diesel injection system

The common rail diesel injection system has changed modern-day vehicles into more fuel-efficient, productive automobiles than the slow-moving smoke-emitting vehicles of the past.  It offers a pressure amount of 1600 bar, depending on the pressure setting in the engine control unit, independent of engine speed and the amount of fuel injected.  With the help of Electrical Diesel Control (EDC) the modern diesel engine runs more smoothly and effectively and is more cost-efficient.  For more information regarding diesel injection, contact Weymouth & Portland Motor Mechanics Ltd.

Genuine spare parts

All the spare parts that we use come from leading manufacturers.  These major providers of our spare parts include Bosch, Delphi, Siemens, Denso and Stanadyne.  You can count on us to provide you with authentic parts to save from  the hassle of future repairs.  

What we offer

* Complete rebuilds

* Diesel injection unit installation and removal

* Diesel injection unit testing

* Fault repairs

Bosch EPS diesel testing starts at £20.00 + VAT per injector

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