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Comprehensive engine diagnostics

To keep your vehicle engine in top-class condition, contact Weymouth & Portland Motor Mechanics Ltd. In addition, we provide garage services to all our customers across Dorset.

Extending your vehicle engine lifespan

If your vehicle's engine is not maintained properly it will wear out over time, which can make your vehicle susceptible to irreversible damage.  We carry out an extensive check of the engine with modern equipment in the search for any minor or major faults.  After conducting the test if we find any problem, we will let you know how much it will cost to fix.

Sorting out all your engine problems

If your check engine light is on, then you should consider paying a visit to us.  At Weymouth & Portland Motor Mechanics Ltd, our expert mechanics can do a thorough search for any problem that might be the cause,  Moreover, engine maintenance should be carried out regularly to keep the vehicle engine healthy.  

What our engine diagnostic services include

* Engine maintenance

* Fault repair

* Leak detection with our modern EVAP systems

* Modern equipment with Snap-On Verus Edge,     Bosch KTS 560, G Scan and genuine Peugeot,   Citroen and Ford diagnostic equipment 

Our diagnostic services start from £45 + VAT for 30 minutes.  In addition, you can incorporate our Fortron fuel system cleaning at £65 + VAT. With our Genuine Ford & PSA Diagnostics starting From £39.00 For the Access Token + £65 + Vat for PSA & £65 + Vat for Ford.

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